Superior Council

Prof. Dr. Javier González Argote

President & CEO

Dr. William Castillo González

Secretary of Research and Knowledge Transfer

Prof. Dr. Carlos Lepez

Academic Secretary

Lic. Mabel Cecilia Bonardi

Secretary of Internationalization

Mg. Norma Nancy Cachi

Deputy Secretary

About the Foundation

Fundación Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología is a non-profit organization, established in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Our fundamental purpose is to foster access to health as a fundamental human right and to promote interdisciplinary technological innovation. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the field of health, science and technology to benefit society at large.

Objectives of the foundation

1) To carry out research organized by authors in the Argentine and foreign context, as well as to generate spaces for scientific collaboration with national and foreign institutions.

2) To organize, coordinate and carry out training and improvement activities for the community in the field of scientific and academic knowledge. 

3) To manage the edition of open access electronic academic publications (free access under Creative Commons license), as well as advice on the management of editorial processes based on the open science model, always on a not-for-profit basis. 

4) To train facilitators and managers of health services who can intervene in the formulation of public and private policies within health organizations and promote safe and quality health care, focusing on people's rights, allowing citizens to realize the Right to Health, through its responsible exercise. 

5) To carry out the dissemination of the purpose and actions of the Foundation, throughout the Argentine territory, being able to establish subsidiaries. 

6) To create networks of researchers at national and international level. 

7) To develop networking or associated management with other organizations of civil society, academic or governmental institutions that enable collaboration for the realization of projects with common objectives. 

8) To promote dissemination actions through different media (graphic, audiovisual, virtual), in the subject matter of the Foundation. 

9) To constitute and maintain a library on subjects related to the Foundation. 

10) To publish and disseminate bibliographic material, journals, brochures, videos and open access educational resources (free access under Creative Commons license) that reflect the foundations and actions of the entity as well as scientific works. 

11) To motivate the commitment of socially responsible companies to contribute human or material resources for the achievement of the organization's objectives, as well as the transfer of knowledge based on the open science model. 

12) To promote volunteering and the participation of students, professionals and any citizen with a vocation for social work, facilitating their call, incorporation, training, monitoring and recognition. 

13) To develop educational proposals for continuous technical and professional training at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels (distance, classroom or blended learning). 

14) To develop research and knowledge transfer strategies with an interdisciplinary focus on the metaverse, artificial intelligence and telehealth. 

15) To grant awards that recognize the development of innovative work and scientific trajectory in the areas included in the object of the foundation.